Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Getting Weller All The Time!

The topic is bourbon, one of my favorite things in life. I mentioned last time out that my love of bourbon started when my brother Jack bought me a bottle of bourbon one Christmas. It was a registered bottle of Old Weller Antique 107 proof bourbon. He bought it for me well over 20 years ago and I still have the bottle. No, there is nothing in it, but with its red velvet sack and its gold spider-webbed bottle I just can't seem to part with it. It hooked me on bourbon.

Wine Enthusiast gives Antique a rating or 88, declaring it, "A medium amber bourbon, bearing a sweetish note with some unusual floral notes and a string dash of vanilla. The body is big and the palate is very well balanced, flirting between sweet honeyed fruit notes, a strong vanilla undertone and some sharp spicy tones; the finish is long and spicy.

A very well crafted whiskey. Sip it at room temperature with a little spring water or over ice."

Well, after my Origine fiasco, I decided to get back to the basics that I knew worked for me and that meant Weller. Before I tossed money at Origine I had previously purchased a bottle of W. L. Weller bourbon, the namesake of the company that makes Old Weller. I have found all of the Weller bourbons harder to find than other brands and locally I've only found them at Bevmo! (Beverages and More) and that is where I found W. L. Weller Centennial.

This is just one amazing drink. Wine Enthusiast give it a rating of 97! Of it they say...
An intensely complex, fruity nose switches among vanilla, dried fruits and just a dash of mixed spices. The body is huge and the palate follows along the line of the nose with an abundance of rich vanilla, a basketful of lush fruits and a wonderful butterscotch backdrop. The finish is long and incredibly sophisticated and understated.
What I have found is a bourbon that literally sends a chill running down my spine and across my back with the very first sip. I'm not kidding; this 10-Year-old bourbon is almost hallucinogenic and so damn smooth and flavorful that it would be a crime to mix this with anything. At $30 a bottle, I think I've been spoiled; follow this link if you'd like to be spoiled too!

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