Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Table

14 months ago I started in a woodworking class on Saturdays. All I wanted was to build a table for my art studio. It seemed easy enough. I wanted something tall enough so that I didn't get a sore back when I worked on cutting a mat or framing a piece of art. I also wanted some sort of flatfile system to hold my papers ...and finished drawing, plus something to hold my mat boards and mat cutter and other things as well.

I showed a drawing to the instructor and she never said anything like, "Isn't that a little ambitious for a first project?" though she should have. Well it is now 14 months later and though I still have to make the actual table top starting next week, the rest, as of today is done. Well, it does need six or so coats of wax to make it shine on like a crazy diamond, but other than that, it's almost there!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Morning Light

I take early morning walks with my dog and sometimes the light just astounds me. I'm not sure this one is finished, but it is moving in that direction.