Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is THAT an Urban Legend?

Damn but I have relatives I wish would ask this simple question before they send out to another horde a bunch of incendiary or worrisome emails. They always send it to my mother as well, and she doesn't know how to check for validity, she can barely work the email, so she thinks she is doing everyone a favor by sending it out again to another horde (somehow, I'm in both hordes). If it's not vulgar racist rhetoric attributed to David Letterman it's one patently false warning about carjacking or missing kidneys or some other such nonsense after another. It takes, on average, about 20 seconds to locate the information that classifies the subject of the email as an urban legend.

Hey! Assholes! It's, or, just as fast, You don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure this shit out and is 20 seconds of your life too much to ask for you to give up to keep from repeatedly annoying the crap out of your relatives? Old people, like my mother, can be forgiven, but the rest of you should cut this shit out immediately!

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