Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stop Thief!

OK, it may be too late to yell that, but I've just been informed that someone stole Burt and my idea for a porno version of Jaws 31 years ago. "Stop Thief!" I say!

I was totally shocked and disheartened to get this email today...
Dear Barry;

Love your blog, but I think you should know that there was (is?) a porn film titled "Gums", made around the time you were thinking about it..... I picked this thing up on videotape around 1979, 1980 while living in Europe and if you can track down a copy of it it's definitely worth one viewing..... bizarre and surreal in a stupid way, it's about a mermaid..... but with Brother Theodore and an assortment of horney puppets added to the live action it's a truly bizarre experience ... I sold my copy to a friend (I don't know, should you do things like that to friends ??) shortly after I bought it... it was just too strange.....

... and oddly enough it did play the Pussycat Theatres in southern California... back when the San Diego Comic-Con was in a school gym.

Gums (1976)

A mermaid? Not even close to our concept, but prettty creepy none the less.

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