Friday, April 11, 2008

40 Years Ago Today From DC Comics -- Green Lantern #61

Green Lantern #61 (On Sale: April 11, 1968) has a very cool cover by Gil Kane and Sid Greene.

"Thoroughly Modern Mayhem" is by Mike Friedrich, Gil Kane and Sid Greene. After defeating Captain Challenge on Earth-1 with his Green Lantern counterpart Hal Jordan, Alan Scott returns home to Earth-2. He returns to work and breaks up a fight between two co-workers, Johnny Halliday and Tommy Saunders. Then he is called away to fight a seemingly endless wave of crime.

When Alan finally returns home he discovers that his own house was robbed. Tired and angry Alan wills his power ring to eliminate all evil on Earth. As a result everyone on the planet disappears including him.

On Earth-1, Hal Jordan returns to Earth after a space mission. He is shocked to find the entire population of Earth-2 in suspended animation in the desert of Utah. Hal revives Alan and learns what happened.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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