Thursday, August 14, 2014

Daily Sketch -- Madness

It was the 1978 San Diego Comic Convention (as it was called in those days) and Baron Mrkva, Burt Griswold and I were sitting in our booth for our comic book, Mayhem, selling copies and original artwork and just getting our name out there...when the germ of an idea came to me. I think I might have wanted to do a Psycho-like shower scene but as I started to draw, this idea of American Indian spirits came into my head. As I kept laying out this page, the idea grew into a story I would do for Mayhem #3. Of course, there was no Mayhem #3 and the story was never finished, but a few penciled pages and layouts for the whole story were eventually done. But that entire story came out of my desire to draw a woman taking a shower.

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