Sunday, February 08, 2009

Revolutionary Road

Another in a long line of downer films getting all the award heat, but man, what a excellently made movie. Kate Winslet may just be the finest actress alive right now. See this film and The Reader together and just be in awe of her range. Leonardo DiCaprio and third Titanic wheel Kathy Bates are also excellent. Michael Shannon is only on screen for a short while, but you see immediately why he is nominated for Best Supporting Actor. We are now only short Philip Seymour Hoffman's turn in Doubt to have all the Supporting Actor noms and then I can make my choice, though Heath Ledger will be wining.

Also very good is David Harbour as an infatuated neighbor, but everyone is out shined by Winslet, who won the Golden Globe here but is not even nominated for the Oscar on this fim.

This also brings us closer to having seen all of the Art Direction and Costume Design films,

Our yearly Oscar quest continues...

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