Monday, February 16, 2009


We saw Doubt today, one of the best films of the year by far and of course not nominated for Best Picture. They had to overlook some excellent films to make way for the only OK Slumdog Millionaire. This adds one more to the Actress nominations with Meryl Streep doing here expected great work. She is terrific as you would expect, but still not going to beat Kate Winslet in The Reader.

This also finishes out the Supporting Actor nominees with Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is wonderful as usual, but not going to win when compared with Heath Ledger.

More importantly though, this finishes out the Supporting Actress nominees adding the sublimely cute Amy Adams and the amazing Viola Davis, who give the best acting performance of the year in any category. If she does not win it will be the biggest mistake of the Oscars. In about seven minutes on the screen she is absolutely riveting, stealing her one real scene from Meryl Streep. Watching it I was reminded of that video of Cass Elliot watching Janis Joplin sing Ball and Chain at the Monterey Pop Festival and her one-word response. "Wow!"

This movie is getting very little press, but man is this great acting all the way around. If you can;t find it at the theater, see it on video when it comes out. You will be amazed.

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