Monday, July 14, 2008

Latest on IndyMac

My wife drove by the headquarters of IndyMac in Pasadena yesterday and said it was so sad that she started to cry. It's hard to explain how we can feel bad about a place we did nothing but complain about for the past three or four years, but we do. I worked at IndyMac longer than I worked at any other company, just beating my 10 years at Information Handling Services/Sogitec Inc./AMTEC Information Services/Electronic Data Services (different company names, but all the same people working on the same things at the same locations).

I have a small checking account there (the free one I got when I was an employee) where my current paycheck is direct-deposited. We also have a HELOC with IndyMac. They froze all HELOCs this morning, so we are having to postpone some home improvements we had planned. Other than that, life goes on.

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