Wednesday, July 09, 2008

All A Matter Of Timing

I was flying to Florida this week and reading an article on jobs in the US Airways Magazine stuffed into the pocket of every seat on the plane. It mentioned that you need to know when to leave a place that is laying people off. Some of my fellow ex-IndyMac employees were discussing the exact same thing a few months ago, saying how, despite how none of us wanted to leave our jobs, we felt that the company actually treated pretty well those of us that they let go. We all got a month's pay for every year we worked there, plus free COBRA medical for the same amount of time.

Never was this proven more true than this week when IndyMac announced the layoff of 3,800 employees; half of their workforce. These loyal ones, who have stuck with the company through think and thin will be getting one to two months severence. I know the company doesn't want to screw these people over, but the companie's finances are the companie's finances and this is the best they think they can do.

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