Thursday, December 06, 2007

Pathological Liar or Idiot-In-Chief

Keith Olbermann lays it all on the table, the only two descriptions that can fit for George Bush, in his most biting commentary to date. Listen to it and weep for your country.


Dave Potts said...

This just simply isn't true! Bush has never claimed that Iran was trying to develop nuclear weapons. That would require his being able to pronounce "nuclear."

(Now, "nook-yu-lar" weapons, on the other hand -- he's made that claim lots of times.)

dlorry12 said...

What would cable TV be without Olbermann. Shame he's not #1, he deserves to be, he's a light of sanity in an inane TV landscape.

Years from now people will look at his show and his special comments and wonder why the heck weren't more people listening?