Monday, December 10, 2007

No Telecom Immunity!

There was a time, and it seem like so very long ago, when I could count on my senator, Dianne Feinstein, to act and vote like a Democrat. Back in those days I supported her reelection campaign financially, something I stopped when she voted to give Bush the authority to invade Iraq. After that I would tell her people when they called, to give my name to Senator Barbara Boxer's people, that since she still voted like a member of the party I was affiliated with, she could count on my money, but that Senator Feinstein's ride on my gravy train was over.

It really sickens me that Democrats have to call her up repeatedly to get her to vote like a Democrat and this FISA bill is just another example. Feinstein is becoming California's version of Joe Lieberman, not a title I would think she is interested in wearing, but, I tell you, the way she has been voting lately, with Bush and against the American people, who the hell knows anymore.

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