Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Shape of Things to Come

My original concept for Havoc was a tabbed interface consisting of a Calendar, a Note Board and Photos. In fact, the first name for the application was not Havoc, but simply The Noteboard as I thought that would be the focal point of the application. This ended up not being the case. I actually still have no idea what will go on the Noteboard tab or how I will get it there. As I played around with the interface and worked on getting a hardware and software platform nailed down, it began to expand.

This all came about as a result of how I wanted the interface to work in the first place. At its core Havoc is a calendar; you put in information and it reminds you of it in a couple of ways:
  1. You can look at the calendar and see what is upcoming.
  2. You can set reminders so that Havoc lets you know in advance that some appointment or event is on the horizon. My thought on this one was that when you are not in some sort of contact with the interface, it would go into a screen saver mode. This would not be a real screen saver (which would be deactivated), but rather another screen of Havoc. I would show you today's events and any reminders that had become due. They would float around the screen in very large text and maybe be paired with s random photo from your collection. 
  3. This is where things began to get complicated and fun, Havoc would know when you walked into the room and would wake up and tell you of any reminders that were due. This adds the need for some sort of motion detection capability and the need for havoc to be able to speak. Motion detection would require some sort of sensor, or a camera. Adding a camera to the package was intriguing, as that might open up other opportunities.
  4. Appointments or events could be assigned a scope, which would be one or more people and reminders could be sent to that person's/those people's cell phone(s). This adds the requirement that the Havoc database be in the cloud and accessible through web services. This also meant that I would be writing an Android app to go along with my Windows desktop app. I figured that I might as well try my hand a Xamarin coding and for the heck of it also write the app for iOS and Windows Phone.  
This gave me a lot to think about and a lot to learn about. How cool could I make this? Just what kind of libraries are available for free (the cost I felt I must pay) and just what would they be capable of doing?

If I could know when someone walked into the room, could I also know who they were? Could I tailor Havoc's responses based on facial recognition? Could I even do facial recognition?

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