Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Days of Wine and Havoc

Years ago my wife bought this calendar holder, a wooden base that attached s to the wall of our kitchen and into which she can slide a new calendar each year. Not an earthshaking concept, but one with a few flaws in it.

First, I don't know about you, but I get tired of seeing the same picture above the calendar for an entire month. This year it might be glasses of wine or fields of grapes and next year it might be puppy dogs or unicorns. This is not something I can't live with, but something that just mildly bugs me.

Second, my wife works in the medical field, which means her days working are scheduled months in advance. In order to keep track of them, she tacks another calendar to the bottom of her calendar holder and writes her work days there for the months in advance, then transfers them to the real calendar when the month rolls around.

Third. I have no idea what is on the calendar at home when I am not there and neither does she. We could use an online calendar like Google Calendar, but that would just mean reentering things twice.

Some may see these as a minor nuisance, but for me it was enough to see if I could build us a calendar that would eliminate all of these issues.

That was the germ of what is turning into Havoc, my latest obsession.

So to be clear, I set out to build a wall calendar with a touchscreen interface that is accessible from our phones. Not a small undertaking, but something that has morphed over the past few months into something much more.

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