Friday, September 12, 2014


Do you remember the exact moment when you decided Connie did not deserve to live? Sure, it was only milliseconds ago. One moment she is just another bitch busting your balls, making you feel small and foolish and insignificant. The next she has crossed some line you didn’t even know was there. One moment a pain in the ass, the next, dead meat. Don’t you think it is amazing how fluid and adaptive we humans are? One moment you feel depressed and put upon and marginalized and small. Then, like flipping a switch on the wall: let there be light! Let there be fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction. Let all that other shit just fall away. You are going to make the bitch pay. Ah, you rejoice, inside, of course, quietly, for she is looking at you and wondering what you are thinking, wondering the meaning of that strange little smile that has suddenly worked its way across your face.

Let her wonder, you think. Let her have doubts. Soon she will have none. No doubts, no thoughts, no nothing. Soon she will be nothing. Hell, she already is in your eyes. How could you have ever thought you loved her? She is a worthless little twat. She is almost undeserving of even your concern, but no, you can’t let her get away with belittling you. She brought you to this place and you have to make her pay for doing so.

You ponder your next move; how will you do it? You don’t own a gun, and a knife, though somehow seeming to hold a great deal of satisfaction, her ugly red blood spilling from her worthless body, you really don’t want all the mess that a knife entails. But you do want it personal. You do want to look in her eyes as the life seeps out of them. And then you know, you want to feel her struggle under you as your hands slide around her neck, as she realizes she has fucked with the wrong guy. Ah, now there will be some satisfaction for you, there will be exactly what you need to regain your manhood.
So you lunge at her, forcing her to the carpet, landing on top of her. She wonders if you are playing with her, but when your hands meet around her scrawny little neck, she knows. Oh god, you could almost cum from the look in her eyes as she realizes you are not playing around. She tries to struggle, but you keep up the pressure on her juggler. She is thrashing about, but she can’t get away can she? No, she is caught in a trap of her own making. She toyed with your emotions until you just snapped!

And now she knows it. You can see it in her eyes. She stops struggling, she bows to your superiority. She was wrong the way she treated you. You win, she loses. She understands the mistakes she has made. And like that, it is gone. The madness. Your fingers lose their resolve. You stand up as she gasps for breath. You stand up and you walk out the door and you never see her again.

Copyright 2014 Barry Keller. All rights reserved.

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