Sunday, September 07, 2014


“What a piece of junk!” Junior eyed George’s new car with distain. It was a 1968 Dodge Dart, so calling it “new” was a misnomer, though it was newly owned by George.

“Man, you aren’t seeing the potential in this baby. Once I soup it up, drop in a Hemi, give it a new paint job, some tuck-n-roll, you will eat those words, my friend.” George shook his head, like he was in disbelief. “Calling my mamacita junk? You will eat every one of those words.”

“That’s no mamacita, more like a skank.”

“Well, that is your area of expertise. I’ve seen who you’ve been sneaking around with.” George laughed and wagged his finger in Junior’s face. “Juanita Hernandez, jeeze bro, and you talk about my taste?”

Junior sheepishly grinned. “What can I say, she may not be much to look at, but she has it where it counts.”

“The problem is bro, you and every other guy in the neighborhood knows exactly what she’s got.”

Junior just shrugs. “You like a well-used car that you don’t need to break in or be gentle with, I’m that way with my women.” Junior leans against the dusty, dented fender of his friend’s Dart. “Man, she does like it rough. Sometimes…sometimes she scares me. I mean, she asks me to do things…things I’ve never done before.”

“These things she asks you to do, do you like them?”

“That’s what scares me bro, I do. I really like them.”

George wrapped his arm around his friend and gave him a man hug. “Some guys are meant for Ferraris, some for Dodge Darts. Some guys need Jennifer Lopez and some need Juanita Hernandez. If you like what you got, own it man. No need to go sneaking around. Take that be-yotch out in public like a man. Show some huevos.”

“You’re right man, I’ve got to treat her better.” Junior smiled. “Who would want Jennifer Lopez anyway?”

“Yeah, who needs a Ferrari when you got a Dodge Dart?”

Copyright 2014 Barry Keller. All rights reserved.

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