Sunday, March 08, 2009

Something Very Special

Through the years my wife and I have looked at a number of homes for sale that we know we could never afford to buy. No, we are not habitual "looky loos," but we do like to occasionally stop by a house for sale and take a gander. Sometimes though, you have to be satisfied just looking at the ad in the newspaper. Usually this is when the house is a real mansion, complete with Olympic pool, tennis courts, bowling alley, disco, chauffeur's quarters and a price tag that would choke a race horse. Usually these homes are overly ostentatious and, if we were to be completely honest, nothing we would actually want to own.

But every now and then you see a home for sale that just takes your breath away, a home that, for one crazy moment to try and figure an angle of how you could afford to pay for it. We saw such a home in the Los Angeles Times today and for one stupid moment we looked at each other, thinking, "Is there any way this could be possible?" It has to be something special to make us do this. In this case it is something historic, something magnificent. The Millard House in Pasadena was built in 1923 by Frank Lloyd Wright, and it is just a stunner. If you have $7,733,000 it can by yours, you lucky bastard.

Take a long stroll through the whole The Millard House site, drink it all in and tell me you would not want to own this masterpiece. So much more than a house (actually two houses!), an historic place of pure beauty and a work of pure genius.

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