Friday, March 06, 2009

40 Years Ago Today From DC Comics -- Adventures of Jerry Lewis #112

Adventures of Jerry Lewis #112 (On Sale: March 6, 1969) has a cover by Bob Oksner. Until I bought the old Neal Adams' issues last year, this was the only issue of Adventures of Jerry Lewis I had ever bought or read and the only one I bought from the newsstand.

We start with "The Flash Meets Jerry Lewis," which is the reason I bought this book. I remember liking this story, just not enough to spend money on Jerry every month. Next is "Wheeler Dealer Meets Jalopy Jerk" and we end with "Jerry-Flavored Ice Cream." Steve Rowe tells us that all the art inside is by Bob Oksner. There was a time when we could pretty much say with certainty that the stories were all by Arnold Drake, but with Drake's ouster along with all the other "old" writers, I have no idea who was writing the humor books for DC.

Edited by Murray Boltinoff.

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