Friday, January 02, 2009

If I Were In Charge

Over on the Tony Isabella Board my friend, Jim Guida pointed to his blog where he lists a few of the thing he would do if he ware in charge. It got me thinking and here a few of the changes I would make if I were in charge:

I would force Jim Guida to use his real blog, not this faux blog he keeps trying to push.

No sports person could make more in one year than the President of the United States does. That lower cost of producing sporting events must be passed on to the consumer and the owners would not be allowed to reap more profits, nor would they be allowed to hold up cities or states for new stadiums.

No person at a company could make more in one year than 30 times what their lowest paid employee makes. However total compensation could be augmented with extras, stock, stock options, bonuses, etc., not to exceed the amount of their salary.

If a network wants to advertise the next show on their channel they must do it during the commercials like everyone else and not on top of the show currently playing.

A non-partial organization would be set up to validate the truthfulness of all political ads before they are allowed to be broadcast or emailed, or blogged or in anyway disseminated. Failure to comply would result in a $1M fine for the first offense, doubled for each offense thereafter. Any candidate fined more than five times would have their name removed from all ballots and would be barred from running for any office for six years.

Oh, I'm just getting started!

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