Monday, January 12, 2009

The Economy is Not the Cause of This One

This AP piece today entitled "Cruise lines slash prices" begins:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska's tourism industry is taking a hit because of the downturn in the U.S. economy, as well as the slowdown in the economy globally.
It totally, and perhaps purposefully, misses the true cause of disinterest in the upper 1 by those of us in the lower 49: that nitwit Sarah Palin, and her like, live in Alaska. I'm not being facetious and I'm not trying to be funny. My wife and I have discussed this many times since the disaster from Alasker showed her dim-witted, lipstick-Spackled, winkin', blinkin' and noddin' mug on the national scene. My wife and I like to cruise and we have been talking for years about doing the Alaska trip, but by October 2008 neither of us any longer had the desire to go.

Not only is she, by her inane self a torrid turn-off, but the collection of illiterate, gun-toting, Jesus-loving, witch-fearing, meth-head white trash losers that constitute her family and friends are the kind of people I never want to have to deal with. By parading this long line of redneck retards onto the national stage the Republican party tarnished the appeal of Alaska for tens of millions of Americans. The AP really blew it on this story; the cruise industry and the Alaskan tourist industry has Sarah Palin to blame.

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