Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's the Fuzz, Tell Me What's Happening!

I have an article coming out in the December issue of Back Issue magazine. The article is on the late, great comic book artist Don Newton, a man who I have been a fan of for almost 40 years (Don died in 1984). Anyway, I emailed my article in mid-July and talked to the editor at the San Diego Comic-Con and everything was OK. I had till August 15 to get him copies of the tons of Newton artwork I own or have copies of.

Well, some of the stuff is small and can be scanned, but some of it needs to be photographed, uploaded to my PC and massaged before sending in. I own a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P92 digital camera which I was going to use to take the pictures. But when I tried it recently, the viewfinder only shows blackness or blackness with fuzzy white streaks through it.

Running out of time I borrowed a Cyber-Shot DCS-P72 from a friend at work, but when I started to use it, before I got a single shot, the viewfinder went black! Am I bad with cameras or what?

I got an extention on getting the artwork in, but have no idea how I am going to get it done. I know that I won't be borrowing anyones Sony camera though. When I went to the Sony site to find out about repairing the camera I was sent to a page about a class action settlement regarding just the problem both cameras are experiencing. If you own a Sony digital camera or camcorder and are also experiencing the same sort of issue, the link above can bring you relief. Sony will fix your camera for free.

This isn't a problem with one or two products, here is the full list:


CCD-TRV118; CCD-TRV128; CCD-TRV318; CCD-TRV328; DCR-DVD100; DCR-DVD101; DCR-DVD200; DCR-DVD300; DCR-HC20; DCR-HC20 M; DCR-HC30/S; DCR-IP5; DCR-IP55; DCR-PC101; DCR-PC105; DCR-PC120BT; DCR-TRV18; DCR-TRV19; DCR-TRV19M; DCR-TRV22; DCR-TRV240; DCR-TRV25; DCR-TRV250; DCR-TRV260; DCR-TRV27; DCR-TRV33; DCR-TRV340; DCR-TRV38; DCR-TRV39; DCR-TRV460; DCR-TRV50; DCR-TRV740; DCR-TRV840; DCR-TRV950; DCR-VX2000; DCR-VX2100; DSR-250; DSR-250/1; DSR-PD150; DSR-PD170; and DSR-PDX10.

Digital Still Cameras

DSC-F717; DSC-P10/S; DSC-P2/S; DSC-P31; DSC-P31M; DSC-P32; DSC-P32M; DSC-P51; DSC-P51M; DSC-P52; DSC-P52 M; DSC-P7; DSC-P71; DSC-P71M; DSC-P72; DSC-P72M; DSC-P8/L; DSC-P8/R; DSC-P8/S; DSC-P92; DSC-P92M; DSC-U10/S; DSC-U20/B; DSC-U20/LJ; DSC-U20/S; DSC-U30/H; DSC-U30/LJ; DSC-U30/S; DSC-U60; DSC-V1; MVC-CD250; MVC-CD250 M; MVC-CD400; MVC-CD500; MVC-FD100; MVC-FD100 M; MVC-FD200; and MVC-FD200 M.

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