Monday, August 28, 2006

I Know Ruinous sir, and you are no...Oh, Wait you ARE!!

So, Dick "Wadd" Cheney says that leaving Iraq would be "ruinous" to our county's security. Well Wadd, it isn't going to fly this time you pustulant fuck-face.

What has been "ruinous" to our security was going to Iraq for no reason whatsoever. What has been "ruinous" to our security was your constant spewing of one bogus reason after another for why we invaded Iraq. What has been "ruinous" to our security was to show ourselves to the world as a country hell-bent on dominating and bullying the rest of the world. What has been "ruinous" to our security was squandering all the goodwill around the world directed toward us after 9/11. What has been "ruinous" to our security is the Bush administration and this cretinous thug Cheney. What has been "ruinous" to our security is anyone who still supports these evangelists for fear, these lying cowards, these despicable loathsome swine.

These shit bags like to say, every time they bogus up another "terrorist plot" against us, that the terrorists are after us because they "hate freedom." Well, if they hated freedom so much they would attack Canada and Mexico and Germany and Sweden and Switzerland and Iceland and any of the other "free" countries around the globe. But they don't because it isn't freedom they hate it's fat fucks like Dick Wadd here sticking their noses into the business of the middle east countires. They don't attack anyone who stays out of their countries. They don't hate freedom, they hate the warmongers and war profiteers that have been in charge here for far too long. Come November, I see some indictments and some impeachments just around the corner.

Now your mileage on this scum may vary, but if it does it simply means you have not been paying attention.

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