Friday, December 09, 2011

One of the 36,774

Someday, and I swear it will be soon, I will stop talking about the NaNo. But today is not that day.
They released the stats this week for the National Novel Writing Month and they are pretty impressive:
  • 256,618 participants, up roughly 28% from 2010’s total of 200,530 writers.
  • We wrote a total of 3,074,068,446 words, up 7% from 2010’s collective word count of 2,872,682,109.
  • This averaged out to 11,979 words per person!
  • We had 36,774 winners, giving us a 14% win rate!
Happy to have been a part of it all. Of the 25 writing buddies I had this year, 13 of them completed the NaNo or 52%. Not too shabby for my friends.

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KB Mason said...

Greetings Barry!

I am just checking in for the first time in a long while (for at least a month since, like you I was all about NaNo when I had computer time).
I have to say that I am impressed with the NaNo references you maintained here and also impressed by the performance of our small circle of F2K participants.
It really wasn't easy, but not quite as difficult as it could have been. Now the question is, how to capitalize on the momentum and continue until the novel is complete!
But for now, congratulations my friend!
Perhaps I will see you over on F2K next month, I haven't yet decided whether I will take it again, or wait until a future class.
Winter will be upon us here in the northeast so we'll see.