Friday, April 03, 2009

Two Crichton novels to be published posthumously

Reuters is reporting that two "novels by 'Jurassic Park' author Michael Crichton, one finished by him before his death last year and the other to be completed based on his notes, will be published posthumously, his publisher said on Monday."

I think Crichton went a little wonky in recent years, but I've enjoyed much of his work. Last week we watched Looker, his 1981 film about, well, things so pretty you can't take your eyes off of them. Think plastic surgery, computer enhancement, computer animation, mind control, subliminal suggestion on steroids and invisibility. Think of advertising products, advertising politicians and weapons.

I remember the film being much better than it is, Crichton being a much better writer than director, but I liked that he could take an idea and run with it to some pretty extreme places. I think Looker could be remade into a much better film, particularly if the political aspect was looked into deeper.

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