Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hot and Ugly Weekend

The fires in southern California have been reeking havoc on the air quality. I drive by still smoldering brush on the way to and from work. Tonight I got hit by a sea of smoke drifting across the freeway in the Brea Canyon, reminding me that the fires are not out yet. But for my family it was not too bad. For my good friend Steve Caron, who I worked with at Indymac Bank, it was a lot more stressful.

He could not sleep Saturday night as the fire was over the hill by his house and moving rapidly. He sat outside and talked to his neighbors as the flames drew nearer.

Around 4:00 AM the flames crested the hill behind his subdivision and started down. Things began to look bad. The police came by and told him to pack. It was unnecessary; Steve and his family had been packed for hours.

As the flames drew in closer, the firemen went to work and battled back the fire. It was a long process, a long night, but by morning the fire had been stopped, his family and home were safe and Steve could finally get some sleep. Right on Steve, and nice pictures dude!

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